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Visual FoxPro is a database management application by Microsoft is a powerful, in-house, platform for creating database applications, forms, reports, etc. and storing and measuring data. Microsoft discontinued the product in 2008, but it remains in use throughout the world in the form of legacy applications and remains a viable option for managing and entering information using applications that do not need to be on the Internet. Custom input screens can be created to match the precise way that your company needs the input forms to look and can be easily modified anytime to accommodate changes. More information about Microsoft Visual Foxpro
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The upside is Visual FoxPro's powerful data management capabilities, the fact that it IS NOT an app run over the Internet reduces your security concerns to in-house and not the entire planet as would be the case with an Internet based application. This ensures that hackers cannot get to your data as long as the server that it is stored on is not attached to the Internet in any way. The only downside is that it is NOT Internet capable, although even this restriction can be circumvented through the use of remote access programs such as Teamviewer, RemotePC as well as others, implementing hardware and software protection protocols. Staff can easily use the program from anywhere outside the office.


Visual FoxPro is great at slicing and dicing data and presenting the results in a form of your choosing. Export files to other data types or have it sent to the printer in a very logical, easy to read format. In fact, you create the format, either by pre-designed report structures or "ad-hoc" reports that end users can construct on the fly requiring little experience. It's "pick and click" in creating a report that will tell you how many red widgets were sold by the month over the last 2 years, how many were defective, including sales revenue by salesperson, by department. See the example report below;


STEP 1 - EVALUATION & ESTIMATE - Step one in creating a custom software application is us spending some time listening to your vision of the program. What it needs to do, who will use it, various security concerns and access rights, reporting, and many other issues that will enable us to begin creating a blueprint for the program. Once complete, we refine and review the blueprint with you making changes and adjustments as necessary.

STEP 2 - DESIGN PROTOTYPE - This is where we begin actual coding. An initial version of the program is created for core feature refinement.

STEP 3 - DETAILED DESIGN - Taking what we've learned from the prototype stage, we create the supporting features.

STEP 4 - DEVELOPMENT PHASE - During this phase, all features are integrated in the way they will be used real time.

STEP 5 - BETA TEST AND REFINE - Actual users begin to use the program in test only mode, performing procedures that the programmed was design to do, but not yet depending on the application to do actual business.

STEP 6 - MIGRATE AND DEPLOY - Program at this point is sufficiently proved to use live for business. Inevitably, issues that were not caught in testing are resolved and most likely users will request minor enhancements, further improving the functionality and usefulness of the program.


After the program is complete, we do not stop there. We will be there to support the application for you, addressing any bugs that pop up and make requested changes as needed. The program itself is an ever evolving-entity, reflecting the needs of your business.

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