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Aargus Web Creative provides a complete line of Internet services across teh USA and particularly, in it's home market of Southern Michigan.Teh Internet has become and extremely powerful marketing platform, eclipsing many more traditional channels such as a print, mailers, cold calling,billboards, etc. in effectiveness. The reach of the Internet is global, with one website able to reach anyone on the planet who has a computer and an Internet connection. Various stratigies can include extrmely specific targeting marketing using a variety of demograhic elements such as location, gender, special interest, to name a few. Some of the services we provide are;

Web Site Design and Renovation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keywords Analysis & Research Manual Directory Submissions
Keyword Mapping Site Maps (HTML,XML,TXT)
Meta Tags Implementation ALT Tag Implementation
Article Submissions Press Release Distributions
Google Web Tools Setup Google My Business
Competitor Analysis Structured Data
Anchor Text Implementation Social Bookmarking Submissions
Google Analytics Backlink Building
Google Adwords Weekly Ranking Summary
Facebook Pages eCommerce/Carts

Custom In-House Database Applications

Visual FoxPro Database

Data Management and Format Conversion

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Major Industries and Commercial Activity

       The City of Muskegon has always been assocaited with the clear waters of Lake Michigan that inspired its growth and have maintained it's growth . Furs, auto parts, logs have traveled these waters to market. The Hudson Bay Company found riches in the furs from our forests. The City of Chicago rebuilt itself with our timber after the great fire of 1871. During the lumbering era, Muskegon boasted more millionaires than any other town in America. Tank engines manufactured in Muskegon were used fighting wars and began to give Muskegon a reputation as a foundry town.

Now, Muskegon has even more to offer. Our beautiful beaches, scenic forests, bountiful fishing, outdoor life and culture are here to be enjoyed. Today, Muskegon is a progressive city and has shown we can appreciate our history and its significance while continuing our forward growth and movement in creating a new identity for ourselves. The City of Muskegon is resurgence is the result of meeting citizen and business needs. Proactive government approaches have led to the formation of strong neighborhood organizations and cooperative initiatives. This set the stage for the people of Muskegon to successfully pass a City income tax for improved police and fire services.

Intergovernmental cooperation has enabled Muskegon to host a Community Enterprise Zone. The initiative emphasizes family self-sufficiency, new business development and job training skills based on strong work ethics. Employment is at a 25 year high. New jobs and industrial aspirations are finding a place to grow in our industrial parks. The success of these has come from diligent preparation and planning. The Muskegon Public School system is caught up in the same enthusiasm for improvement. Voters approved a 43 million dollar capital improvement bond issue to upgrade the buildings that have educated generations.

The Muskegon Housing Commission is revitalizing neighborhoods with an award winning, first time homeowner program for new construction. The City of Muskegon is also improving its downtown area and placing renewed emphasis on our waterfront. Shoreline Drive now beckons visitors to travel along the Muskegon lakefront and see what we've been doing.

The Muskegon Museum of Art and Hackley Library, given to the City by Charles Hackley, one of the millionaires of the Lumber era, retain their reputation for excellence. Charles Hackley's historic home, restored by the Muskegon County Museum displays our rich heritage. The Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts has become the theatrical jewel in Muskegon's crown. Muskegon is home to West Michigan???s Cherry County Playhouse, which boasts professional performances. Our newly renovated sports arena with our own professional Hockey team, is part of the revitalized spirit in our community. Heritage Landing has become the shoreline's recreational gem. This former industrial scrap yard was developed by Muskegon County and has infused the City of Muskegon with a new energy. For ten days and nights our lakeshore comes alive with our annual Summer Celebration. Heritage Landing has now become a community showplace. The City of Muskegon, with our commitment to meeting community needs through thoughtful planning and vision continues to improve the quality of life for those who live and work here.


Muskegon has many fine restaraunts and other interesting attractions.

Four Star Restaraunts as Rated by restaraunts.com

Heathstone Bistro - Amereican Cusine - Four Stars

Handsome Henry's - American Cusine - Five Stars

Los Amigos Mexican - Five Stars

Other Ineresting Attractions

Peirre Marqutte Beach

Golf Courses

Other things to do in Muskegon, MI





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