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Online Marketing




        Do you need to grow your customer list and get more business from current customers? Onlinnemarketing and contact is the key. Many business owners do not have the time, expertise, or staff to maintain frequent contact with existing or potential new customers.Do you have a web site that you would like to perform better than it does now? Aargus Group offers a three pronged marketing plan that could solve those problems for you with our online and offline marketing services. Read on...


a. We will create a 7x5 inch postcard for mailing to your existing and/or potential new customers
                (Quantity of 1000, minumum)
b. We'll design and print the marketing postcards, working with you on content and design
c. We will send to;

1. Your customer list OR
2. A list of potential customers in your specific geographical region OR
3. A combination of 1 and 2 above

CALL FOR COST - Includes card design and printing, labels, placing the labels and stamps on the cards for mailing (postage additional, or you provide)

postcard mailing


a. We will create an email template for sending to your existing and/or potential new customers. Your list, plus 500 of ourgeographically targeted names.
b. We'll design the email, working with you on the content.
c. We will send to;

1. Your customer list OR
2. A list of potential customers in your specified geographic regions
3.A combination of 1 and 2 above

d. We will do 3 sends to same recipient list 3 weeks apart.

CALL FOR COST - ** Additional sends would be at additional cost

email campaign


         Our goal of course is to increase your customer base. There are a few factors that will affect the success and speed at which it occurs...

1. POSTCARD SENDS- People that receive your postcardswill either call very soon, file them away for future reference, or just discard them. We estimate that about2/3 will get discarded. But in that remaining 1/3 lives potential new customers, either now or in the future. Periodic sends can also increase response rates.

2. EMAIL SENDS- Many corporate servers are tuned to detect what it considers spam and some sent emails will never been seen by the intended recipient on this basis. About 25% to 50% will make it through. An email that has no or just one image has a much better chance of making it through. Certain words should be avoided in the construction of the email, like "big sale","free","offer expires", and similar sales oriented catch phrases. Email response is normally low in any effort like this...1-3% is and industry norm. The good news is that it's very inexpensive and they can be done often. The more often you do sends, the better response rate you will probably get. The best response will be when you hit someone with a need right now. Frequent sends increase this possibility.


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