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        Do you Need to grow your customer list and get more business fromcurrent customers? Contact is the key. Many business owners do nothave the time, expertise, or staff to maintain frequent contact with existingor potential new customers.Do you have a web site that you would like to perform betterthan it does now? Aargus Group offers a three pronged marketing plan that couldsolve those problems for you. Read on...


         a. We will create a 7x5 inch postcard for mailing to your existingand/or potential new customers b. We'lldesign and print the marketing postcards, working with youon content and design c.Wewill send to;

1. Your customer list OR
2. A list of potential customers inyour specifiedgeographicregions OR
3. A combination of 1 and 2 above

COST - $750, Includes card design and printing, labels, placing the labels and stamps on the cards for mailing (add $500 for postage, or you provide)


a. We will create an email template for sending to your existingand/or potential new customers. Your list, plus 500 of ourgeographically targeted names.
b. We'll design the email, working with youon the content.
c. We will send to;

1. Your customer list OR
2. A list of potential customers in your specifiedgeographic regions
3.A combination of 1 and 2 above

d. We will do 3 sends to same recipient list 3 weeks apart.

COST - $500          ** Additionalsends would be at additional cost


a. We will do an SEO analysis of your home page and make revisions as necessary**
b. We will submit your site to the major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo
c.We will create a Google Business Page or analyze and improve your existing. Reviews would be part of the process, which create the 5stars that you see on some search results.
d. We will create a Google Search Console account or analyze yourexisting one
e. We will setup up a mechanism that sends you an email weekly (ongoing), detailing your web site's traffic volume

**We can update all your pages on your site or completely rebuild it in a state of the artplatform

COST - $749


        Our goal of course is to increase your customer base. There are a few factors that will affect the success and speed at which it occurs...

1. POSTCARD SENDS- People that receive your postcardswill either call very soon, file them away for future reference, or just discard them. We estimate that about2/3 will get discarded. But in that remaining 1/3 lives potential new customers, either now or in the future. Periodic sends can also increase response rates.

2. EMAIL SENDS- Many corporate servers are tuned to detect what it considers spam and some sentemails will never been seen by the intended recipient on this basis. About 25% to 50% will make it through. An emailthat has no or just one image has a much better chance of making it through. Certain words shouldbe avoided in the construction of the email, like "big sale","free","offer expires", and similar sales oriented catch phrases.Email response is normally low in any effort like this...1-3% is and industry norm. The good news is that it's very inexpensive andthey can be done often. The more often you do sends, the better response rate you will probablyget. The best response will be when you hit someone with a need right now. Frequent sends increase this possibility.

3. SEARCH ENGINE AND ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) - Depending on how you rank now in the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Position), and what kindof SEO you have currently implemented, that's what will determine how much it willhelp with your search position. One big factor is what kind of business you have. If you have a doughnut shop, dry cleaners, coffee cafe, or other relatively "nichy" business type, your success should come much quicker thanif you are a dentist, real estate agent, or restaurant, of which there are usually hundreds in any given medium size or larger market.No matter what though, any SEO effort can only help.


You can purchase any of the three items at their specified price or the three combined, less $150 ($1800) and includes thecost of printing the postcards**, email template and postcard design. We estimate approximately 30-35 hours of labor on our part andwe can work with you on a payment plan (Deposit, midpoint and end payments). A 40% initial down paymentis required.Ongoing service contacts can be negotiated ifdesired

** Postage is additional, we can purchaseand bill or if you have a bulk mailing account we will use that. Sends can bee done in phases to help reduce "all at once expenditure" on postage




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