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         Our local markets are Jackson, | MI Kalamazoo, MI | Lansing, MI | Jackson, MI Jackson, MI | Holland, MI Jackson, MI | Traverse City | We do however, provide our services Nationwide


         Can your website be found on Google page one in a search for relevant terms? Does your site attract new prospects and function as the source of revenue that you would like it to be? We'll be honest here... reaching Google page one in search can be a challenge. The speed and search postiton you can attain depends on many factors, one of which as you would expect, is the number of competitors in your geographic and service/product market. An example might be... real estate agents are plentiful in any mid to large city market, therefore would be difficult to rank. But if a business sells custom leather goods, there will not likely be too many of those in a given area, making it easier to rank well. There is way to buy your way on to page one using Google Ads, which we can help you with. It works great for some, but not others. The only way to know is a trial run. The bottom line is, the nichier your business is, the easier it is to rank on on Google page one organiically. The questions to ask yourself before beginning an online marketing campaign are;

1. Is your target market National or local?
2. How many competitors are there in your market?
3. What is your budget for the effort?


         When visitors come to your web site, do you have a way to collect thier email addresses? You can't just ask for it, most won't give it. Having a givaway item is one way to get thier email address. Try giving them an item that's compelling enough that's related to the reason they came to your site is ome way. Another way is to have some very vaulable information on a certain page or pages of your site that requires they give up their email address to access. We can help you implement a strategy that works best for you.



         We can design a new or upgrade an existing web site you may already have. It will be done in Wordpress, or HTML, the two most popular, widely used site building platforms in use today. We would first do a complete anylsis of your needs, collect images and text from you and assemble it into a group of web pages that best represents your product or service. We prefer a high level of participation from our clients in the process, as they know thier business and how best to present it. That participation will usually be in the form of information requests and periodic review of work done. We wil provide Jackson very best website design services.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive website that addresses all of the elements that will best represent your goals. Our web designers and marketing staff endeavor to provide affordable solutions tailored around our clients budgets. This can mean implementing a complete, comprehensive web design solution, or, one done in stages, each being fully functional and standalone in its purpose, allowing for a gradual progression to a more broad end result. Often needs are relatively simple and a one shot, low cost approach is all that is required.


»   SEO SEM MARKETING (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Oprimization or On-Page) SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Off-Page)
          Through the use of leading edge SEO and  online marketing techniques, we will get you the best SERP (Search Engine Rank Position) possible on Google that will generate traffic that will generate traffic. An averge of 66 percent vistors will click on organic (not a paid) links. 53% of the time they will click on the 1st organic link, 15 percent go to position 2, with only 9 percent from postion 3. It is imperative to get on page one for your site to have the best chance of capturing a reasonable level of traffic.

Strategic and carefully planned marketing, both on the web and off is imperative to effective sales. Too many websites are only minimally effective due to lack the of this combination. Beyond the website itself, other means such as general marketing, social media, and other methodologies need to be combined to point potential customers to your site (or telephone). Combined, they can create for you the the most successful marketing and customer service vehicle your company has ever had.

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         It's estimated that between 55 to 60 percent of Internet searches are made on mobile devices. Having a website that displays well on mobile devices is cricial to it's success. Rather than building out two websites, one for desktops and one for mobile devices, we use a methodolgy called  "Responsive Design" . This kind of web site is constructed in a manner that identifes what kind of device it is running and generates a display output accordingly to look good and be very usable. A mobile website display will rarely look and function as comprehensively as a desktop due to screen size restrictions, but most mobile web sites allow you to get most of what you could do on a desktop disaply accomplished. Sites that are designed for a desktop only that are running on a mobile device are generally speakinng, very user unfriendly and difficult to read and navigate.

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         We also develop and manage  Visual Foxpro database applications created in the FoxPro platform. FoxPro is a powerful database management system particularily suited to in-house data management, custom input screens, and statisitcal reporting. This platform is best inmplemented in an in-house enviroment to manage large amounts of data such as inventory, production processes, and other data intensive situations. Often a custom built computer program can best represent the procesess that your company has developed better than an off the shelf application. These custom applications are infinitely changeable and are able to evolove as your processes do.


         Call us today about a site upgrade, search engine optmization, web design project that will get you ranked on Google. We offer many other Internet related services like hosting,  Visual Foxpro , eCommerce and much more. We listen to your needs, providing a quote that will be extremely competitive in cost. Call 616-956-7600 or Submit to Request More Info Now

Major Industries and Commercial Activity

Jackson is located in the South central part of Michigan about 60 mile WSW of Detroit with a population of approximately 34,000. Jackson is one of the original birthplaces of the Republican Party. The first official gathering of the group that calling itself "Republican" was held in Jackson in a place called "Under the Oaks" on July 6, 1854. A Historical Marker is placed at what is now the northwest corner of Franklin and Second streets in Jackson and commemorates an anti-slavery county convention on July 6, 1854. The group met outdoors to escape the hot, over-crowded hall, that eventually selected a slate of candidates for state elections. The marker identifies this location as the birth of the Republican Party. The site, an oak tree grove on "Morgan's Forty", at the time on the outskirts of town, became known as "Under the Oaks".

Jackson is also the place when the first Coney Island Restaurant was established. In 1914, George Todoroff made the first hot dog with the coney island topping from a railroad station located on East Michigan Ave. Open 24 hours a day the proved to be very popular with travelers as well as the locals.

Also located in Jackson, was the first state prison (1838). Made of wood, it was built on sixty acres of land donated for that purpose within the city limits of Jackson and was meant as a temporary prison. A permanent prison was built three years later and eventually grew to become the largest prison in the world of the period. Within its walls were factories, farms, manufacturing facilities, all taking advantage of the free inmate labor.

Jackson's three major private employers are CMS Energy, which provides natural gas and electrical service to much of Michigan and has its international headquarters in the city, the Eaton Corporation, as well as Allegiance Health, formerly the Foote Hospital


Jackson has many fine restaurants and other interesting attractions.

Four Star Restaurants as Rated by restaraunts.com

West Texas Barbeque - Eclectic American - Four Stars

Anna's Porch Cafe - American Fare and Specialty Dishes - Four Stars

Klavon's Pizzeria and Pub - American - Brew Pub - Four Stars

Other Interesting Attractions

Golf Courses

Other things to do in Jackson


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