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        Backing up your valuable data is something as important as locking the door to your office at night, perhaps more. We are constantly surprised by small businesses that do not have a backup strategy in place. Often they will say they have a backup plan, but do not attend to it on a regular basis and it may or may not be working properly. It was put in a couple of years ago and nobody periodically checks it, they will say.

We can help you institute a plan that will be safe, dependable and redundant, in case the worst should happen such as theft, fire, flooding, or other natural disasters. Our preferred method is;

1. Have a dependable cloud back of all your critical data. This keeps a copy off-site so that should the need arise, you can get everything back.

2. Have an on-site backup. With inexpensive larger, external hard drives available, it's a good idea to have a second or third backup option. When restoring select files from a local hard drive, it's usually a little faster than from the cloud, where you may have to log it and download data.

        We can set up and configure a single, dual or triple backup systems that will be backup seamlessly, usually in the middle of the night when no one is in. Another way to do it is progressive, where every 5 minutes, files that have been changed are sent to the backup sources. The cost is relatively small compared to the risk you take in not having a dependable backup system. Triple redundant systems can be had anywhere from a few hundred dollars (the more common cost), to thousands depending on the type of equipment you prefer and the amount of data you are backing up


        With the news filled these days with instances of hacking, it's imperative to protect your data from data thieves. For all the media stories about large companies being hacked, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Hackers from all over the planet are constantly testing corporate and personal systems for vulnerabilities. It's not just large companies they target.. as a user id and password to your bank account and they'll take your money, alter your Facebook account or any other manner of malicious activity. They can use your computer's camera to monitor activities in your space. You have probably heard of ransomware, wherein a certain virus gets unintentionally downloaded and installed. Once done, it locks you completely out of your system until you send money to the perpetrators to release your computer from being locked. Sometimes people have paid the ransom and the recipients never unlocked their system. There are many popular software applications the will protect computers for most threat, or in the case of a network, there are hardware options to protect your server and the workstations down line. What you would need and the depends on how much and at what level of protection that you need

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