Drive Uber as a Contractor

Driver for Uber - Get $25 Gas Card - Free Uber Light (Grand Rapids). Driver full or part time for Uber, the new
industry standard in point to point, personal ground transportation. Work your own hours, any time, any day for as
long or short as you desire. Uber driving can easily supplement your current job. How much you make is entirely
up to you. You may have heard that Uber doesn't pay much and that's only partly correct. The base pay outline is
poor, however, they do offer ways to enhance that and if one learna thier market and the various ways there are to
make your weekly check larger, one can do much better.

Compensation: 80% of base fare, less $1.55 - Type of Employment type: Contract

Call today and we'll get you started... 888-431-0705,Work only when you want any time of the day

> Set your own schedule, drive your own car
> Get paid weekly directly into your card or bank account
> Get special "tips and tricks" document about skipping the trial and error on you way to maximize your earnings

Driving Requirements

> Valid Driver's License (in-state)

> Valid License Plates (in-state)

> 2005 or Later Vehicle

> Proof of insurance on ehicle

> No Felony History

> Good Driving Decord

> In Certain Markets, you may Need
to get a Vehicle Inspection
drive for uber

But is it safe, you might ask?

Driving for Uber carries little risk. In a regular taxi, anyone can get in a cab for a ride and everyone knows cab
drivers carry cash, Uber drivers do not deal in cash. With Uber, one can only get an Uber ride by ordering it
through a registered cell phone and credit card. A very high percentatge of the kinds of people that might wish to
do you harm do not have credit cards. And if the were to have one, by nature of the billing process all of the
information is on file at Uber that would be needed to catch them.

Free phone consultation to get you up to speed quickly and available anytime after you've started.
We offer post startup telephone support (except trip corrections).

Call today and we'll get you started... 888-431-0705

On Uber approval confirmation of your signup, we will send you
a 10 page document detailing many of the fine
points about driving Uber to speed your learning curve

After you have driven 25 trips (one or two days of driving), we will
send you

> $25 Dollar Gas Card
> Daily Trip Sheets. Monthly & Annual Profitability Templates (Excel SS - PC or MAC)
> Inside Windshield Light for Night Operations
> Affinity Card Applications for Speedway and Mobile (Plenti), for fuel discounts .We hope you will join Uber...
you will be glad you did!

(only by signing up here or calling will you get the 4 benefits listed just above, no other place can
you get these benefits)

  Signup here and you will recieve 2 months of free telephone support. (excluding direct payments
and trip record issues). We will address any start-up matters I can and give some valuable tips
on how to earn more quicker.

call now... 888-431-0705 or submit the form below
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