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Shopify is one of the most powerfull, widely used shopping cart sites today. It enable sellers to present products and catogories in very large numbers to existing and potential customers. Over they time we've used the platform, we've found that there are certian limitiations that have prevented us from creating as we would like in some areas, mostly in presentation and being able to expeditiously manage data. We have, by using custom code modifications, been able to address some of these issues. If you have a specific need that the existing Shopify platfrom does not employ, send us an email or call and we will tell you if it's an issue that we can custom code a solution for. Below, we offer two solutions available that you may find useful


We've devleoped a modification to the BROOKLYN THEME that will permit up to 8 menu pulldown levels. This can be very useful to those with very large product lines or those that wish to divide thier prodcut lines into very specific categories. It usually takes a few days. It is possible that we would be able to create this solution within other Shopify Templates.


We offer another BROOLYN THEME modification that allows a tabular product listing as an alternative to the default Shopify 3 or 5 across listings. This modification presents looking a lot like the products management page in Shopify, similiar to a spreadsheet format. This enables users to see twice as many products on the screen at once. Again, it's possible that we would be able to create this solution within other Shopify Templates.

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